Behind OSHH

OSHH DesignersOSHH was created in 2012 by Olesya Sydorenko and Hayat Horma, 2 inspired fashion addicts who decided to turn to their passion. With an idea close to their heart, they started designing their own evening bags. They researched and gained an in-depth knowledge of the exotic skins industry, attended courses and started experimenting by producing samples which received very positive acclamation from their surroundings.

OSHH designs are greatly influenced by the founders’ extensive travels and their respective experiences with different cultures and traditions. The Ukraine-born co-founder, Olesya, has a background  in business, fine arts and professional dancing. She has been on tours all around the world, exposing herself to eclectic art scenes inspired by all kinds of traditions, history and cultures. Olesya, is greatly inspired by nature. Her trained eye and attraction for natural beauty give her a unique sense of creativity.

Born and raised in Morocco, Hayat is very much attached to her Arab and North African roots. She is fond of and greatly inspired by the meticulous designs within Moroccan traditional fashion and architecture. Hayat comes from a business background. She has lived and worked in 5 different countries over the past 12 years. She also took a year off to travel around the world solo. The reality of traveling alone as a woman in unfamiliar settings and exploring worlds very different from her own was a catalyst in Hayat’s assessment of beauty and ideals of feminism.

Hayat and Olesya complement each other in a shared aspiration to transform the exotic skin bags industry by giving it a fresh and unique spin.

About OSHH