About OSHH

OSHH: Moroccan-inspired designs with an Eastern European edge, handcrafted by dedicated artisans in Indonesia … every OSHH bag is a creation, an innovation, a bold statement.

OSHH aims to redefine the exotic skins fashion industry, by providing bold colors, unique designs and mixing our influences be it Arabic and oriental, or western and modern.

Behind every OSHH bag, stand the values of meticulous design, high quality and moral ethics. Not only does every single OSHH bag go through high standards of quality checks but they are all handmade by a community of local craftsmen in Indonesia, with remarkable knowledge and manual agility. In that process, it is part of our moral values to help this local community by enriching their wellbeing and we are grateful to be able to directly impact their lifestyle.

OSHH believes in providing unique, luxurious and fashion-forward pieces. Holding an OSHH bag is not a statement of one’s wealth and affluence; rather, it shows fine taste for quality and authenticity, and expresses a discerning journey across colors and cultures. It’s who we are.

OSHH embodies a chic yet eclectic lifestyle by blending uptown and downtown elements with playful and traditional styles. It is trend conscious yet timeless.

Behind OSHH